Look here in the future for a variety of interesting reading relating to automotive, repair, and our facility. We run across interesting articles that would be good to share with our customers, for example. There are times where we take pictures of some of the repairs we make to help our customers understand what is involved with repairing their vehicles.

Have you ever wondered what a timing belt is? Why it is important to your vehicle, and you? Why proper maintenance of a timing belt is especially critical on certain vehicles in particular? Check out our short guide to timing belts:

Timing Belt Guide

Does your vehicle require synthetic oil? Synthetic oil is more expensive than regular oil. Ever wondered if you really need to use it? All synthetic oils are the same, aren’t they? Maybe it is time to read a little bit about engine oils:

Engine Oil Information

Is your Check Engine Light on? Is it flashing? What is a code? What should you do about it? Do you already know what the code is?

Check Engine Light Primer